Gyrus Capital acquires Consulcesi Group alongside founders and management

Gyrus Capital is looking to use the acquisition to buildout a pan-European digital platform for the healthcare industry.

  • Gyrus Capital has now made four new investments in the last 12 months
  • Consulcesi will pursue growth through the acquisition and integration of specialist continuous medical education (CME) content developers
  • It is a provider of CME, digital marketing, data analytics and legal services to the healthcare industry

Gyrus Capital has acquired Swiss healthcare platform Consulcesi Group alongside the company’s founders and management. Consulcesi is a provider of continuous medical education, legal services, data analytics and digital marketing to the healthcare industry.

Gyrus Capital, headquartered in Geneva, looks to invest in businesses that address societal and environmental structural needs that are positioned for long term, sustainable growth. It has a particular focus on corporate carve-outs in the $50 million to $500 million range. With this acquisition, it is looking to build out a pan-European digital platform for the healthcare industry.

The purchase of Consulcesi is Gyrus’s fourth new investment in the last 12 months.  It follows Corcym, a carve-out from LivaNova, Intel/Era Consulting, a carve-out from PWC Italia, and Katalist, a software integration platform.

“Providing healthcare professionals with access to continuing education and healthcare companies access to efficient engagement and communication capabilities is fundamental to the functioning and development of the healthcare system,” said Guy Semmens and Mirco Dilda, partners at Gyrus Capital. “This provides a significant net benefit for patients and is a core theme within our healthcare investing strategy.”

Consulcesi is headquartered in Balerna, Switzerland, but has offices across Europe and employs around 650 full time employees. Consulcesi looks to address the increasing digitalisation needs within the healthcare industry. The deal will see Consulcesi pursue growth through acquisition and integration of specialist CME content developers. It has a digital platform that provides healthcare professionals with access to over 250 CME courses.

“Gyrus has profound industry expertise, international networks and synergistic portfolio companies that will help accelerate our plan of building a state-of-the-art digital platform within the healthcare industry,” said Massimo Tortorella, founder of the Consulcesi Group. “We look forward to partnering with them and driving Consulcesi’s expansion internationally.”