Palisade Real Assets acquires renewables asset manager Eco2 Management Services

Eco2 Management Services' acquisition supports a dedicated bioenergy platform.

  • Eco2 Asset Management develops and manages high-performing renewable assets 
  • The bioenergy platform will own and operate anaerobic digestion assets
  • Palisade Real Assets has energy transition investment ambitions in Europe

Palisade Real Assets announced on Tuesday the acquisition of Eco2 Management Services (EMSL). The acquisition lays the foundation for a dedicated bioenergy platform, focused on anaerobic digestion assets and adjacent infrastructure.

Headquartered in Cardiff, EMSL is an asset manager that develops and manages renewable assets from conception through to the ongoing operational asset management phase. Eco2’s activities include biomass, wind, solar, anaerobic digestion, greenhouses and other emerging technologies.

Established in 2021, Palisade Real Assets is a Sydney-based mid-market manager targeting investments that are adjacent to core infrastructure sectors.

“Embedding the asset management and development capability of the EMSL team into the Palisade Real Assets investment team will help drive high quality deal flow, enable operational value creation on complex assets that have multiple value propositions and ultimately deliver better investment returns for our investors,” said Stephen Burns, Palisade Real Assets CEO.

“We are thrilled to join the Palisade Real Assets team,” commented Darren Williams, EMSL CEO. “EMSL provides asset management services to clients to ensure that their assets perform better and increase in value as a result of our active involvement. Combined, the team will bring extensive real asset investment and operating experience across geographies and technologies to investors in the bioenergy platform.”