Vaaka Partners exits LTP Group to Sponsor Capital

LTP's net sales will exceed €70m this year, according to Vaaka Partners.

  • LTP Group focuses on the holistic management of goods flows in the food sector
  • Vaaka Partners invested in LTP in 2016
  • LTP Group’s management will be significant minority shareholders post deal

Vaaka Partners announced the sale of its majority stake in LTP Group to Sponsor Capital. LTP’s management will continue as significant shareholders together with Sponsor.

Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, LTP Group is a food logistics group that includes LTP Logistics Oy, which specialises in in-house logistics and customer-specific product picking; Lännen Teollisuuspalvelu, which specialises in Transbox washing and pallet services; and LTP Cargo Oy, which focuses on delivery operations.

LTP’s net sales will exceed €70 million this year, according to Vaaka Partners.

“With Vaaka Partners’ support, we have invested in automation and data-driven performance management,” said Matti Tuominen, founder and CEO of LTP Group. “This has made us highly cost-conscious in terms of both environmental costs and financial costs.”

Sponsor Capital is a Helsinki-based private equity firm that makes mainly majority investments in Finnish mid-sized companies.

Vaaka Partners, also headquartered in Helsinki, helps “mid-sized companies become business champions”.