Ambienta makes 23 new hires

Pietro Reho, Luca Daminelli and Damien Marty are among the new private equity hires.

  • Ambienta is a sustainability focused investor
  • Francesco Saccani and Manuel Galitschke have joined Ambienta’s value creation team
  • Ambienta has offices in Milan, London, Paris and Munich 

Ambienta, an asset manager focused on environmental sustainability, has made 23 new hires.

On the private equity side, Pietro Reho joins Ambienta as an associate, Luca Daminelli as an investment manager and Damien Marty as a principal.

Francesco Saccani and Manuel Galitschke have joined the firm’s value creation team, based in Milan and Munich respectively.

Other hires include Franziska Manke and Alexandre Mamelle, who join Ambienta Credit, launched earlier in the year. Manke and Mamelle will be part of the investment team.

Ambienta plans to continue expanding the investment team with a clear focus on the European market with steady and organic growth of its current workforce, according to a press statement.

Ambienta is a European environmental sustainability investor based in Milan, Italy. The firm manages over €3 billion in assets.