EQT combines ferry companies Molslinjen and Torghatten

Molslinjen and Torghatten were acquired by EQT Infrastructure in February and March 2021 respectively.

  • The combination forms Nordic Ferry Infrastructure (NFI)
  • Molslinjen and Torghatten will continue to operate independently under their existing brands
  • The pan-Nordic operator of “floating bridges” has a portfolio of over 65 routes

EQT Infrastructure will launch Nordic Ferry Infrastructure (NFI) through the combination of Molslinjen and Torghatten, Danish and Norwegian ferry transportation companies.

The combination forms a pan-Nordic ferry operator with a portfolio of over 65 routes operated by over 100 vessels and transporting over 16 million passengers annually, according to EQT. Molslinjen and Torghatten were acquired by EQT Infrastructure in February and March 2021, respectively.

Aarhus, Denmark-based Molslinjen’s fleet consists of 15 vessels connecting 9 routes, including connections to Sweden and Germany. Torghatten, based in Brønnøysund, Norway, provides ferry and express boat infrastructure with its “floating bridge” route network.

“Combining Molslinjen and Torghatten will allow us to accelerate platform-wide digitalization efforts and facilitate the roll-out of new commercial and operational excellence initiatives,” said Carl Sjölund, partner within EQT Infrastructure’s Investment Advisory team. “As we are now embarking on the next phase on this exciting journey, EQT Infrastructure is proud to invest in the continued decarbonization of the companies’ fleets to further reduce the environmental footprint of ferry transportation across the Nordic seas.”

Stockholm-headquartered EQT is a global investment organization with €114 billion in assets under management.