FSN Capital allies with Danish installation firms to form new market player

InstallatørGruppen is the name of the newly formed firm.

  • InstallatørGruppen will initially consist of 11 firms with a total turnover of around DKr1.3bn
  • The firm’s management comprises Niels Meidahl, CEO and Peter Frandsen, COO
  • FSN Capital Partners is an Olso-headquartered private equity firm with €4bn under management

FSN Capital VI, advised by FSN Capital Partners, has partnered with 11 Danish technical installation companies to form InstallatørGruppen, a new market player within electricity, plumbing, optical fibre, ventilation, and cooling systems.

InstallatørGruppen will initially consist of 11 companies with a total turnover of around DKr1.3 billion (€175 million; $190 million). The firm aims to partner with local installers across Denmark and promote sustainability and energy efficiency.

The 11 installation companies are A-Comfort, Alvent Ventilation, Byens VVS & Blik, CH VVS, El Team Fyn, GL VVS, Jesper Hansen VVS, John Jensen VVS, Kjellerup Group, MH Elektric, and WeCon.

The companies will retain their local management, employees, company names, and locations, while becoming partners and co-owners of InstallatørGruppen.

The firm also plans to further its growth with the addition of more local installers from across Denmark.

InstallatørGruppen’s management comprises of Niels Meidahl, CEO and Peter Frandsen, COO.

“It is evident that the installation industry will play an important role in promoting energy efficiency in buildings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and thus contributing to the achievement of Denmark’s climate goals,” said Nicolai Norrbom, partner at FSN Capital Partners.

The relevant regulatory approvals are expected within four to six weeks.

FSN Capital Partners is an Oslo-headquartered private equity firm and investment advisor to the FSN Capital Funds, with €4 billion assets under management.

FSN Capital IV established Instalco in 2014, a technical installation firm in Sweden.