GPF Capital backs Lezama Demoliciones as demolitions boom

The demolition sector is undergoing a phase of strong expansion driven by the closure and decommissioning of coal-fired power plants as part of environmental efforts, according to GPF.

  • GPF has bought an 80% stake in Lezama
  • The company works across demolitions, recycling and industrial soil rehabilitation  
  • Lezama expects revenues to reach €40 million in 2022

GPF Capital announced that it has closed its 27th deal since launching in 2015 with the purchase of an 80% stake in Spanish demolition firm Lezama Demoliciones. The company, headquartered in Trapagaran, Spain, operates at the national level across demolitions, recycling and rehabilitation of industrial soils.

In the last few years, Lezama has demolished more than 60 chemical plants. Operations are currently focused on the demolition of thermal power plants.

The demolition sector is in a strong phase of expansion driven by efforts to pivot to green energy, resulting in the closure and decommissioning of coal-fired power plants, according to GPF.

GPF’s purchase of the company allows for the consolidation of a plan for Lezama’s international expansion and expansion in the nuclear sector. Lezama expects revenues to reach €40 million in 2022.

GPF is a Madrid-based private equity firm that provides capital and strategic support to Spanish SMEs. It invests in companies with EBITDAs from €3 million and is sector agnostic. The firm has more than €1 billion of capital under management across three funds and GPF Capital Real Estate.