Graphite Capital exits YSC Consulting after five years

Accenture, a global professional services company, has bought YSC Consulting.

  • YSC Consulting has been a partner to 45% of the firms on the FTSE 100
  • More than 40% of the world’s largest private equity firms have worked with YSC
  • The company aims to help organisations align leadership strategies with their business goals

Graphite Capital has sold YSC Consulting to Accenture. YSC Consulting is a London-based advisory and leadership consultancy that aims to help businesses align leadership strategies with their business goals.

YSC Consulting has been a partner to 45% of the FTSE 100 and serves more than 40% of the largest private equity firms globally with services tailored to private equity funds and their portfolio companies.

“Leaders must meet new expectations to win the hearts and minds of employees and customers in a rapidly changing world,” said Christie Smith, global lead of talent and organisation and human potential at Dublin-based Accenture. “Successful business leaders thrive through the application of meaningful purpose and the use of technology to lead with accuracy, speed, empathy, and transparency. It’s at the cross-section of these values where Accenture and YSC Consulting truly align. We look forward to coming together and helping clients maximise their impact and carve a successful future steered by modern leadership.”

“For more than three decades, YSC Consulting has supported and inspired CEOs and their teams around the world to shape the future through the intentional design of thoughtful approaches to leadership,” said Eric Pliner, YSC Consulting CEO. “At a moment when the world needs brilliant leadership more than ever, we are thrilled to join Accenture and bring the best of our expertise in individual leadership, team dynamics, diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, and technology-enabled talent analytics in a respected and rapidly growing platform.”

London-based Graphite Capital is a private equity firm focused primarily on UK-based mid-market companies valued at between £30 million and £150 million. It bought YSC Consulting in 2017.