Intera backs Finnish ventilation services firm Cervi

Cervi’s turnover has grown by an average of more than 50% per year.

  • Cervi’s turnover in 2021 was around €16 million
  • The company maintains, repairs and renovates ventilation systems
  • Cervi operates in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and in Finland’s largest cities and growth centres

Intera announced on Tuesday that it has invested in Finnish ventilation services firm Cervi. The company, headquartered in Helsinki, maintains, repairs and renovates ventilation systems. IT also services, repairs and monitors refrigeration and cooling equipment.

Over the last five years, Cervi’s turnover has grown by an average of more than 50 percent per year, according to Intera. In 2021, the company’s turnover was around €16 million.

“Cervi is a unique company in Finland whose strong focus on indoor air quality, ventilation and cooling has paid off,” said Janne Näränen, partner at Intera. “The company has vast growth potential.”

Intera is a Finnish private equity firm based in Helsinki. It invests in Finnish and Swedish companies with sales of €10 million to €200 million. The firm was founded in 2007 and is owned by its employees. It manages three active funds with a total capital of €785 million.

“Together with Intera, we are now building an even stronger domestic specialist in ventilation and cooling,” said Petri Valve, CEO of Cervi. “Our target is to increase Cervi’s headcount to a thousand and turnover to €100 million.”