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RedBird will invest in all the key areas that will advance AC Milan's sporting and commercial interests.
Oakley’s acquisition of CTS Group follows its purchase of Inflexion’s minority investment in Phenna Group, a deal that values Phenna at over £1bn.
Cypriot government 'is faced with a race against time' to ensure it has the power to prevent a potential takeover of the Bank of Cyprus.
LDC announced its exit from Littlefish, which is the firm's fifth exit in the last 12 months.
Sun Capital Partners' Braganza: Shifts in European medical device legislation great for businesses that are well set up to do it, challenging for those who haven't seen it coming.
The worsening economic backdrop 'clearly raises the bar for us in terms of understanding how resilient those businesses will be in the face of rising inflation', said one senior dealmaker.
Finitor Wealth's pickups take the firm's assets under advisement to £1.1 billion.
'Perhaps biomass isn’t quite as glamorous as the wind farms and the solar farms, but it has to form part of a bigger strategy,' said Earth Capital's Avent Bezuidenhoudt.
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Ufenau portfolio company GarLa Group moves into Germany via majority stake in Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung.
Earth Capital merges four bioenergy firms into Sustainable Energy Holdings.

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