PSG, InfraVia invest in One Click LCA

One Click LCA is a Helsinki-based tech company.

  • PSG is a growth equity firm that partners with software and tech-enabled services companies
  • The firm is based in Boston, Massachusetts
  • InfraVia is a private equity firm that makes infra and technology investments

PSG Equity and InfraVia Capital Partners have made €40 million investment in One Click LCA, a tech company decarbonising construction and manufacturing industries.

Helsinki, Finland-based One Click LCA facilitates analysis of whole-life carbon, lifecycle assessment and sustainability assessment for buildings, infrastructure and manufacturing, including early-stage analysis, design optioneering, benchmarking and decarbonisation tools. It enables manufacturers to generate and publish environmental product declaration digitally for manufactured goods and construction products.

One Click LCA will boost investment in R&D and growth, including M&A across construction and manufacturing verticals with PSG and InfraVia’s support, according to a release.

“Our operational expertise and track record of growing international software champions, means that we are well placed to help reinforce and strengthen One Click LCA’s position as a leading force in the decarbonisation of global construction,” said Dany Rammal, MD, head of Europe at PSG.

PSG is a growth equity firm that partners with software and technology-enabled services companies. It is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Paris-based InfraVia is an independent private equity firm that makes infrastructure and technology investments.