Riverside parts ways with E&A Scheer

Platinum Equity has bought E&A Scheer and its subsidiary The Main Rum Company.

  • E&A Scheer is a company specialised in sourcing and blending rum
  • Riverside invested in E&A Scheer in 2019
  • E&A Scheer more than doubled its EBITDA under Riverside’s ownership

The Riverside Company has sold E&A Scheer and its subsidiary, the Main Rum Company, to Platinum Equity.

E&A Scheer sources and sells tailor-made rum blends and rare, aged rums in cask. The company is based in Amsterdam.

“Since its investment in E&A Scheer in February 2019, Riverside has focused on growing the company’s top line by enlarging and internationalising the customer base, as well as improving profitability through an increased focus on ultra-premium rum categories such as rare and aged casks,” said Damien Gaudin, partner at Riverside Europe. “As a result, the company more than doubled its EBITDA during Riverside’s ownership. In addition to the strong sales generated from the EMEA region, the company has strengthened its presence in North America, laying the foundations for future growth.”

Riverside also developed E&A Scheer’s digital and automation processes and the company more than doubled its workforce, according to a press statement.

The Riverside Company is a global private equity firm focused on investing in growing businesses valued at up to $400 million. The firm is headquartered in New York.

Platinum Equity is a global private equity firm headquartered in Los Angeles. The firm has approximately $47 billion in assets under management.