Tikehau Ace Capital reinvests in Tecalemit Aerospace

Tecalemit Aerospace manufactures pipes and hoses for the aerospace industry.

  • The reinvestment will focus on a return of growth and potential acquisitions for a European platform
  • Tecalemit Aerospace’s products are used in civil, business, military and space aircraft
  • Tikehau Ace Capital first invested in Tecalemit Aerospace in 2016.

Tikehau Ace Capital announced on Monday a significant reinvestment in Tecalemit Aerospace. Tikehau Ace made its first investment in the firm in 2016.

Headquartered in Chaponost, France, Tecalemit Aerospace manufactures pipes and hoses used in civil, business, military and space aircraft. Covid and the suspension of Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft in 2020 hit the company heavily.

Paris-based Tikehau Ace Capital will focus on returning Tecalemit to growth and strengthening the group’s financial position. Further development will follow through potential acquisitions, to enable the creation of a European platform.

“This new investment is the beginning of a new start for Tecalemit,” said Guillaume Benhamou, managing director and CEO of Tikehau Ace Capital. “Together with the management, we have collectively launched a significant effort to improve performance. The objective is to establish a clear and positive trend and to reinforce the confidence of customers and suppliers in order to allow the group to find the way back to performance and to become the European champion in its field.”

“Our long-term collaboration with Tikehau Ace Capital is strengthened, and we are delighted with this new sign of confidence in our group, in its industrial capabilities, its management and all of its teams,” said Franck Colcombet, executive chairman of Tecalemit. “Its expertise in the sector and its strategic involvement by our side make it an extremely valuable partner to support our development and meet our future challenges. We have all the industrial and strategic assets to consolidate our position as a leading player in our area of expertise.”