Vaalon’s Unitrailer makes first acquisition outside Poland

The company bought Dutch peer Henra Aanhangwagens.

  • Unitrailer wants to become the biggest trailer maker in Europe in two years
  • The company plans to treble its sales of €100 million
  • Unitrailer is in talks to buy other European companies

Vaalon Capital portfolio company Unitrailer, a Polish commercial trailer maker, has acquired Dutch peer Henra Aanhangwagens in a move to consolidate the “highly fragmented” European trailer market.

Unitrailer is Poland’s biggest producer of trailers with gross vehicle weight up to 3.5 tonnes, according to a release, and aims to become the biggest company in the European market within two years. The company is targeting consolidated sales of at least €300 million, up from about €100 million today, and a market share of 10-13 percent.

Henra is Unitrailer’s first acquisition outside Poland, but it is in talks to acquire other European companies, the release said.

Unitrailer’s products haul cars, boats, motorsport equipment and cargo, and are used mainly by individuals and small businesses. Vaalon Capital-backed European Trailer Holdings acquired it last year. The company is based in Świdnik.

Vaalon Capital is a private equity firm with offices in London, Rotterdam and Geneva. It targets companies with an enterprise value of $100 million-$500 million and equity ticket sizes of $15 million-$100 million.