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'Staffing companies will become even more important in the future, as the sector continues to scale,' said Orangewood's Neil Goldfarb.
Norled, a Norwegian marine transportation company, proved its resiliency during the pandemic, he said.
Jean-Baptiste Wautier believes the spluttering financing market could be in better shape by early 2023.
While some PE firms buy clubs, others such as Sixth Street are finding other ways to gain exposure.
'Thinking of pension systems only in terms of the stock price return may have worked in 1945. But in 2025, it might not be that simple.'
Cornerstone VC, a first-time fund manager, has set out to prove that superior financial returns can come from backing diverse entrepreneurs. Positive impact is a 'significant secondary benefit'.
Illustration of doctors and medical professionals using technology
Guy Semmens: Reducing cost and increasing access ‘is part of what we’re trying to do in the world’.
'When a downturn comes, our portfolio will still be young, and we will not be managing 10-plus-year-old investments,' said EQT’s Eric Liu.
Wolf-Henning Scheider joins Partners from ZF Group.
Europe under magnifying glas
GPs and LPs say there are a variety of reasons to be optimistic about the European venture market even as a growing number of economists foresee a recession for the world's largest economies.

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